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About Us

For over three decades, J.C. Spence Company, LLC. and its subsidiary, Park Place Properties, LLC. ┬áhave been regarded as Huntington’s leading property management group. Family owned and operated since its inception, We specialize in the management of leased residential properties, with a focus on senior housing, and the housing of Marshall University School of Medicine students.

J.C. Spence Company is known for quality service. As a result, we are highly regarded by both property owners and residents. Our friendly staff and exceptional service is one thing that sets us apart from other property management firms as they cannot match our extensive resources and long-standing relationships within the community.

Marshall University recently announced plans for the opening of its School of Pharmacy, which will begin offering classes in the fall of 2012 at the Huntington Veterans Affairs Medical Center. We look forward to building on our current relationship with the university by providing those new students with a place to call home.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service and amenities to truly make our residents feel at home. With numerous locations to choose from, call us today and learn why J.C. Spence Company holds the key to a perfect new home for you. (304) 429-6388.

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